Yoga is more effective when cannabis becomes part of the routine

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Adding cannabis to a yoga routine provides more health benefits

Tomorrow is International Yoga Day, which means it’s the perfect time to recognize the role cannabis can play in a yoga routine. Yoga is an especially popular meditative hobby among many marijuana lovers. For those who combine the two, yoga and marijuana have some mutual synergies. Both yoga and cannabis are proven and effective ways to relax the mind and body, facilitating a calm and mindful serenity. In recent years, many yoga practitioners, or “yogis,” have found that combining marijuana with yoga amplifies the benefits of yoga.

Yoga seeks the union of mind and body and an improved state of mental well-being that can lead to spiritual enlightenment. Yoga practitioners use a combination of physical exercises/postures and mental and spiritual practices during sessions.

Most yoga enthusiasts believe that the main benefits are improved relaxation and health. Marijuana is consumed extensively for the remarkably effective relaxation properties it offers, along with the high that produces a sense of well-being. For many people, cannabis is also an excellent antidote to stress and anxiety, which can seem pervasive in modern urban life. So, the idea of combining marijuana with yoga seems like it could offer some additional benefits.

Many people find that small doses of cannabis improve their concentration during yoga, without ever experiencing a truly intoxicating high. The calming and relaxing effects of cannabidiol (CBD) may help some people to unwind, better control their breathing, and connect with their body and inner self. In addition, it is normal for some people to feel nervous before or during a yoga session, especially if it is their first time. Cannabis could be a natural way to remove that inhibition.