Wrestler, actor Kevin Nash is launching his own cannabis

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The wrestling vet has joined forces with HYMAN to introduce his own marijuana strain

Kevin Nash, also known as Diesel, is a WWE and WCW legend. He is also a wrestler who, while he did not become famous for being addicted to drugs, friends of his, such as Scott Hall, Sean Waltman, and Shawn Michaels, had lives closely linked to them. Now, through a Twitter post, Nash announced that he is entering the medical marijuana business, motivated precisely by the death of several former friends in the business who became addicted to pain medication and alcohol. Nash thus implies that cannabis is a real option.

According to recent reports, Nash has partnered with HYMAN, and the name of the strain is Jackknife, just like the name of his finisher. After several interviews related to the subject, Nash decided to explain the different reasons that prompted him to take this new direction.

“My signature move: Jackknife Power Bomb, my finishing maneuver, is appropriate for my association with HYMAN cannabis, as I believe it accurately represents the strength and potency of the flower. When you get Jackknifed, you’re not in control of the situation. Turning my pain into passion, I’ve become very familiar with cannabis and what I find most important is quality. Everything HYMAN does is by design, and I’m excited to see what fans think when they try it.”

HYMAN is a luxury cannabis and lifestyle brand with high-end products based in Nash’s native Michigan. This is not the first time HYMAN has partnered with high-profile celebrities and that is one of the reasons why many people appreciate this brand. The company has taken on the task of bridging the gap between the average consumer and the celebrity cannabis lifestyle.

Select Michigan retailers will begin selling the Jackknife Kush strain in eighth jars (3.5 g) starting next Friday. In order to kick off the launch properly, Nash will participate in a two-day signing tour of Michigan dispensaries with his strain.