Working out with CBD might be healthy

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CBD can have a positive impact on the gym routine

The World Anti-Doping Agency lifted its ban on cannabidiol (CBD) late last year. Since then, a growing number of fitness programs have included the natural drug in their routines due to its positive impact on the body and wellbeing. Specifically, CBD is proving to be a great and natural way to improve muscle tone and help enhance stamina.

Hormones in the body called catabolic hormones naturally break down muscle tissue. One catabolic hormone in particular, cortisol, can counter the effects of the workout, making it more difficult to increase muscle mass and improve muscle tone. According to the National Institutes of Health and the US National Library of Medicine, CBDs are being shown to work against cortisol, slowing down the muscle mass depletion and leading to greater muscle growth.

CBD is also found to increase the level of stamina, allowing for a longer, more productive workout routine. It regulates blood sugar levels in order to give an energy boost and has the added benefit of acting as an anti-inflammatory to keep the muscles and joints in proper working order.

It’s important to point out that, as with anything, moderation is the key. One capsule of CBD is the maximum required by most to ensure a proper workout. However, as each individual is different, it might be good to test dosages in order to find out which provides the best results.