Woodstock comes full circle as potential cannabis brand

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A judge approves a request to license the Woodstock name for cannabis

For the longest time, the word “marijuana” instantly conjured up images of a large group of people gathered for a music festival. That festival, designed to celebrate peace and community, was actually held about an hour away from Woodstock, New York at a dairy farm, but was organized by a company called Woodstock Ventures and the term Woodstock has lived on in infamy ever since. Now, the name that has been most closely related to the marijuana boom could actually become a brand of marijuana.

Woodstock Roots had tried to claim that the term Woodstock would infringe on its rights and appealed to have the marijuana brand stopped. A district court judge, Paul Gardephe, disagrees and rejected the claim this past Monday. As a result, Woodstock marijuana could be coming to dispensaries in time for the music festival’s 50th anniversary as planned.

Woodstock Roots is also known as Woodstock American Products, a company that offers cannabis-related paraphernalia. Woodstock Ventures, which wants to launch the marijuana brand, had argued that recreational marijuana is within its “natural zone of expansion” under federal trademark law, and Gardephe agreed, essentially deciding that any normal consumer would be able to tell the difference between a smokable product and a product that allows the consumer to smoke.

Woodstock – the music festival – is going to see a kind of revitalization this year. Woodstock 50 is coming to Maryland August 16-18, similar to the August 15-17 timeframe of the original, and will be a free event. While the final lineup of performing artists still isn’t known, some of the names being thrown around are Santana, Miley Cyrus, Chance the Rapper, Imagine Dragons and more.