Women more prone than men to give up prescription meds for cannabis

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A new study shows gender preferences for medical cannabis over conventional prescription alternatives

Women have traditionally been the ones to go out into the fields and forests to find herbs and flowers believed to cure this or that ailment. Of course, many of these cures the women had to try out on themselves first. Knowledge of the naturally growing remedies was passed down from mother to daughter, generation after generation. Women are apparently more prone to stick with this tradition, as research shows that they are more likely to give up prescription medicine in favor of cannabis.

A new study in the Journal of Women’s Health has determined that “a significant number of women would use cannabis to treat chronic conditions and pain.” The same study also concluded that, after obtaining a medical cannabis card, and some good medical cannabis, that ‘women are more likely to cut down or discontinue using some prescribed medications.”

Cannabis was always one of the most useful plants in a healer’s collection of herbs going back to the beginnings of recorded history. Today cannabis for medical use has become widely accepted in the United States and around the world. Endorsements and testimonials from experts from lab technicians to medical doctors, as well as testimonials from patients who have found relief using CBD or cannabis have helped convince the interested public that medical cannabis is a legitimate and helpful treatment for some ailments that medical science still has not come up with a cure for.

The cannabinoids found in marijuana plants have been proven by modern researchers and old country doctors to be effective painkillers, which are especially useful in treating PMS and chronic pelvic pain associated with menstruation. Naturally, women are going to be the first to give it a try.