Women bought twice as much marijuana in 2018 than a year before

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2018 was the “Year of the Woman” in a number of ways

Last year saw a serious increase in the number of women purchasing cannabis products. According to a report published by cannabis online marketplace and technology platform Ease, twice as many females in California purchased cannabis in 2018 than what had been seen just a year prior. This shows that cannabis is gaining acceptance across genders and losing a lot of the social stigma it once held.

According to the head of policy research at Ease, Peter Gigante, “We see a strong majority of women are using cannabis for wellness reasons like personal care and improved sleep.”

There was also an increase in the number of cannabidiol (CBD) products, such as facial and body creams, used by the female consumer segment. Eaze indicates that the report was created from data available from 450,000 customers, as well as a survey completed by 4,000 women in California.

This makes 2018 a “monumental year” for cannabis, as well as the “dawn of cannabis wellness.” There was a substantial increase in the number of new cannabis buyers last year, jumping 140% from just a year earlier.

The report showed that Baby Boomers comprised the largest CBD segment and accounted for 8.4% of everyone who purchased CBD products. Female Baby Boomers purchased more CBD products than their male counterparts and the Baby Boomer segment climbed 25% overall last year.

Women now make up 38% of all cannabis consumers. Eaze also revealed that females are more likely to purchase edibles than are men. Gigante added, “The fact that well-known beauty influencers and celebrities are using CBD also contributes to the normalization of cannabis for women too, and we only expect that to continue.”

Other interesting results found in the report include the fact that those in the Generation Z bracket reported a 32% reduction in tobacco use and Millennials reported a 63% reduction in the consumption of alcohol.

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