Wiz Khalifa launches new cannabis line in Michigan

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The hip-hop artist has added his cannabis brand to Gage Cannabis stores

In today’s popular culture, the name Wiz Khalifa is synonymous with two things, hip-hop, and marijuana. This young rapper has always been honest about his cannabis use, which has made him the standard bearer of the magic herb for the current generation of hip-hop lovers. Some say he could be considered the unofficial spokesman for young hip-hop fans and cannabis lovers around the world. That being the case, it’s not at all surprising to see him bringing his own line to Michigan, specifically in Grand Rapids.

While not the artist’s personal stash, consumers will now be able to access the Khalifa Kush (KK) brand at Gage Cannabis locations. The Minot, North Dakota native showed up over the weekend to debut his brand at the Mitten. After visiting a local Gage store, he stayed for the premiere to have more direct interaction with his fans and possibly upcoming consumers.

The KK strain, which comes in black and yellow packaging, is said to produce relaxing yet energizing effects, and the strain is also often said to have notes of citrus and pine. Although Khalifa has kept the exact genetics of the strain a secret, the cultivar is reported to be an OG Kush phenotype.

Marijuana has always been an integral part of Khalifa’s life and image. Many of his songs make reference to cannabis use, such as “Rolling Papers,” “Grow Season,” “Kush and Orange Juice,” or “Bong Rips.” It is practically impossible to see a photo on his Instagram account where he is not seen with a joint in his hand, or at least related to the cannabis universe.