Wisconsin Republicans have no interest in legalized recreational cannabis

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Wisconsin Republicans aren’t interested in their constituents’ position on cannabis

Republicans have seemed much more open to marijuana issues as time has gone on. While this is a reality that has positively affected many of the reforms in different parts of the country, Wisconsin does not seem to be moving forward in the same way. That opposition is clearly not well received by the state’s residents, considering that two-thirds of them do support legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

While the various efforts to legalize or decriminalize recreational cannabis use are strongly supported by the majority of state residents, Wisconsin’s Republican legislators have made their position clear. Under very specific circumstances, lawmakers are considering making the plant available for medical reasons in the state. Currently, all states that border their borders allow medical marijuana use in one form or another.

During a recent interview, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos stated that he and other Republican colleagues are seeking to legalize medical cannabis. The measure has also received the support of Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu. However, that same support fades from both leaders when it comes to pursuing legislation that would allow the recreational use of the drug.

Both Vos and LeMahieu asserted that efforts to welcome the adult-use market would dissuade members of their group from supporting medical use. During a recent interview with the Journal Sentinel, LeMahieu said he was very clear that this is not about a path” toward legalizing recreational use. At the same time, he added that he wants a proposal that tries to “make sure that people who are suffering from a chronic disease get relief in a way that helps their quality of life be better.”

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