Wisconsin governor turns to students to pitch cannabis legalization

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Support for cannabis in Wisconsin is high, but the governor wants more

The upcoming elections in Wisconsin are getting closer and closer. With marijuana being one of the critical issues on the ballot, the state’s governor thought it was a good idea to meet with the student community. After meeting with college students a couple of days ago, Governor Tony Evers urged his supporters to take part in the upcoming election, an effort to ensure that the state continues on its path toward cannabis legalization.

After holding a roundtable discussion at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Evers delivered some remarks to make it clear to students that it’s time to enact reform. However, for Evers, it is of utmost importance that young people make their voices heard on the ballot in November to make it happen.

While it is true that the governor’s focus is on the elections that are about six weeks away, voting could be a key action in the fight to legalize cannabis in later elections if the legislature approves a resolution he is now pushing to allow citizens to put initiatives on the ballot. In jest, the governor also referred to how neighboring Illinois has teased him about generating revenue from Wisconsin residents.

The Illinois governor has said that many Wisconsin residents choose to cross borders to obtain legal marijuana and that clearly benefits his state revenues. This has been an ongoing economic rivalry that has played out since the Prairie State decided to enact legalization.

The governor said he is extremely weary of prohibition, adding that the state must move beyond criminalization altogether, as he has done through his executive authority on certain occasions. “The importance of all this is that we have to make sure that the use of marijuana is not something that gets you into the criminal justice system. So we need to legalize it,” he said.