Willie Nelson wants Biden to make 4/20 an official federal holiday

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The country music crooner and cannabis enthusiast lobbies POTUS for change

Willie Nelson has always been strongly involved in the cannabis community, which has led him to always have a great influence on the public that follows him today. Recently, the unofficial party for marijuana enthusiasts was held, the famous 4/20, and Nelson has the intention of joining forces with the Luck Reunion team to formally ask President Joe Biden and Congress for that day to be recognized officially. They ask for nine days of absolute celebration, from April 20 to 20, which in fact is the birthday of the country’s legend.

“The fine people of Luck, Texas, and supporters of the great Willie Nelson, on behalf of cannabis users around the nation, are writing today to ask you to consider declaring the 9 days spanning April 20 to April 29 an official national holiday: the ‘High Holidays.’ We believe that recognition of the ‘High Holidays’ opens the door to much-needed dialogue supporting the many benefits of cannabis while helping to remove the unjustified stigmas currently surrounding this amazing plant,” the official petition to POTUS reads.

Nelson has not only been an entrepreneur and recreational marijuana enthusiast but is also in full favor of cannabis decriminalization and prison reform. This year clearly the celebration had the presence of the country music crooner and his performances, and it is expected that it will continue to be that way for much longer. For a long time, major celebrities have already approved the use of marijuana and this has created a fairly large and important movement in the community.