Willie Nelson introduces cannabis products

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The country singer’s latest foray into cannabis comes through hemp-infused coffee

Willie Nelson is famous for two things – his country twang and his love for cannabis. The country singer is a long-time supporter of marijuana reform and has never been shy about admitting his use. He started a cannabis company in 2015 called Willie’s Reserve, offering marijuana, edibles and accessories in legal states and is now expanding his portfolio with a line of health and wellness products. Getting the new line, Willie’s Remedy, rolling, is Nelson’s own hemp-infused coffee.

The new coffee is described on Willie’s Remedy’s website as a medium-dark blend of Colombian roast that is “infused with certified organic, full-spectrum hemp oil grown in Colorado.” Each eight-ounce cup provides seven milligrams of CBD.

Willie’s java was first released in Colorado in September of last year. However, Nelson didn’t make a big deal out of it until now, announcing a nationwide launch. A bag of the coffee is available from the website at $36.

Nelson has often campaigned for farmers in the U.S., including with the creation of his Farm Aid concerts, which were designed to raise funds for farmers. He argued that hemp production would help the farmers and mark a return of a once flourishing industry. Even the country’s forefathers grew hemp to use in a variety of products and the plant was later grown during World War II to be used for parachute webbing, naval towlines and other goods.

It would seem that his efforts, either indirectly or directly, are paying off and farmers are finally going to receive some of the support they have desperately needed. The 2018 Farm Bill will expand hemp production in the U.S, allowing many farmers to finally be able to put food on the table.

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