Whole Foods: Hemp to be a top-ten product in 2019

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Hemp will continue to gain favor among consumers next year

Hemp will be a top-ten food trend next year. This is according to the food gurus at Whole Food Markets, who has said that the company’s “seasoned trend-spotters” with “more than 100 years of combined experience in product sourcing, studying consumer preferences and participating in food and wellness industry exhibitions worldwide” see great things coming soon for the natural plant.

According to Whole Foods, “Hemp hearts, seeds and oils are nothing new to food and body care lovers—they’re in everything from waffle mix to dried pasta. But a new interest in the potential benefits stemming from other parts of hemp plants has many brands looking to explore the booming cannabis biz.”

It added, “While CBD [cannabidiol] oil is still technically taboo (prohibited in food, body care and dietary supplements under federal law), retailers, culinary experts and consumers can’t miss the cannabis craze when visiting food industry trade shows, food innovators conferences or even local farmers markets.”

CBD cultivation is still illegal in the U.S., except in certain state-approved programs that have been authorized under the 2014 Farm Bill. However, a new version of the Farm Bill, which includes expanded marijuana language, is expected to be sent to President Trump by the end of the year and this could lead to greater industrial hemp growth across the country.

There will also be a growth explosion of health supplements that contain phytocannabioids, organic shelled hemp seeds and face creams that are made from hemp stem cells. Says the company, “It’s clear that hemp-derived products are going mainstream, if not by wide distribution, then by word of mouth!”