Whole Foods CEO confirms marijuana sales rumor

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John Mackey says that the company is seriously considering the idea

Last November, analysts with Whole Foods Markets asserted that cannabis products would be one of the top ten products this year. The company’s CEO, John Mackey, listened and rumors began that the company would soon stock cannabis products on its shelves. While not much has been said since then, Mackey has now confirmed that the company is definitely considering the new cannabis market.

Mackey was participating in a discussion hosted by the Texas Tribune last Thursday when someone asked if the company was contemplating selling “alternative proteins” such as insect proteins. Mackey responded positively and then dove into marijuana. He stated, “If cannabis is ever passed in Texas, chances are good that grocery stores will be selling that too. You just never know what happens over time with markets. They change and evolve.”

When prompted to provide more details, Mackey said that he prefers to wait and “see what happens with the market.” He acknowledged that government regulations are preventing the company from considering a nationwide rollout of marijuana products, but is ready to pull the trigger as soon as possible.

Mackey has been a supporter of marijuana legalization since at least 2013. He said in an interview with Mother Jones that year, “I am pro-choice, favor legalizing gay marriages, protecting our environment, enforcing strict animal welfare protection laws (I’ve been an ethical vegan for 10 years), marijuana legalization, having a welfare safety net for our poorest or disabled citizens, and a radically reduced defense budget and military presence around the world.”