White Rabbit High Tea becoming popular with marijuana enthusiasts

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The adult-driven tea parties are gaining a significant amount of traction

A new twist on an old children’s activity is proving to be popular with adults. White Rabbit High Tea parties offer attendees a brief escape from reality and the ability to step away from the rigors of everyday life and get lost in a Lewis Carroll-esque fantasyland. It goes without saying that the parties, while not focused on sitting around and “getting high,” include cannabis and cannabis-based products.

According to Jessica Cole, who hosted one of the tea parties at the Petit Ermitage hotel in California, explains, “As adults, we don’t get the time to play and we forget that by dressing up (with a costume box), being able to take yourself out of yourself for those three hours, and getting really high, you can be a different character, a different version of yourself. That can be cathartic in some ways, exploring different aspects of your own mental wonderland.”

The gatherings include everything one would expect to see in a children’s tea party – porcelain teacups, doilies, scones and miniature sandwiches. Another treat (which hopefully isn’t found at the children’s version) is the sampling of cannabis products available to everyone.

Each tea party is sponsored by different cannabis brands, which help to give guests a view of the changing cannabis industry. Thomas Giordonello of OLO, which makes sublingual microdosing cannabis strips, states, “I think, generally, White Rabbit High Tea is moving the industry out of the cliché stereotype. This is one way to push the industry forward as a whole.”

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