When chemotherapy failed, a cancer patient turned to cannabis and the tumors disappeared

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No amount of traditional treatments removed the cancer, but cannabis came to the rescue

Cancer is a common pathology that affects different organs and systems and in which cannabis can be used as an adjunct to treatment. A woman who has lived several years with a cancerous tumor saw how taking certain drugs, including marijuana, helped her tumor shrink. Doctors who have analyzed the case indicated that the drugs could play an essential role in the treatment of cancer in the future.

The woman nearing 50 was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer in September 2018. Different scans have revealed that the tumor had spread to the liver, her liver roe, and lymph nodes. Although the chances of surviving the disease were poor, doctors continued to treat her with chemotherapy and monoclonal antibody drugs.

The woman seemed dissatisfied with the treatment and set out on her own to investigate how true the rumors of cannabis for cancer were. The unidentified woman began incorporating cannabis oil into her daily treatment plan and the results could not have been better.

The patient also began microdosing magic mushrooms in late 2018. It is worth noting that in the UK, both cannabis and magic mushrooms are considered Class B drugs. Although possession of such a drug carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison, it should be noted that low-dose marijuana oil is permitted in the UK.

After some time on this routine, the woman saw her cancer virtually disappear by early 2020. Chemotherapy became unnecessary, but the woman continued to take the cannabis oil and mushrooms in the hope that the drugs would prevent cancer from returning.

By the end of that year, the woman was retested and there was still no evidence of cancer. Staying that way for more than a year and a half reveals just how good cannabis can be for this condition.