What to know before visiting the only marijuana bar in Los Angeles

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There are tips enthusiasts should learn before visiting Artist Tree Studio Dispensary Lounge

While cannabis consumption lounges are about to be everywhere, West Hollywood is home to the only one in the Los Angeles area at this time. Artist Tree Studio Dispensary Lounge opened last month atop its three-story location at 8625 Santa Monica Blvd and has been the talk of the region ever since.

The lounge occupies the top two floors. The second floor features a modern restaurant-style lounge with a landscaped balcony overlooking the Rainbow District, a plant enthusiast’s paradise. The third floor is an open, smoke-free space for comedy shows, meetings, musical performances, reunions, and art exhibits.

The Artist Tree was the beautiful creation of Lauren Fontein, Aviv Halimi and brothers Avi Kahan and Mitchell Kahan, longtime operators of licensed dispensaries in Southern California. Their experience has led them to make this establishment a magical place, and many cannabis lovers have confirmed it.

Getting the most out of any high away from home requires a little advance planning, and here is no different. The Artist Tree Studio is open daily from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM. While walk-ins can be accepted, it’s best to make a reservation in advance. To make reservations, visit TheArtistTree.com and follow @TheArtistTree on Instagram if you want to keep an eye out for upcoming events.

While table service includes cannabis consumption, the food and drinks come from Kitchen 24. “We partner with Kitchen 24, a 24-hour restaurant, as a delivery partner,” Fontein said. “If people want to order food, we have a dedicated menu. It’s a rush delivery service that comes in 20 to 25 minutes. We had to do it that way because there are rules about having to separate a restaurant from the consumer space.”

Alcohol is also not allowed in any cannabis consumption lounge, so mojitos, virgin margaritas, and a virgin cucumber mule from Kitchen 24 will suffice for those looking for drinks. Marijuana orders are placed on a tablet. Customers have the ability to make their own selections or get assistance from a server. Everything is listed by category, type, and dosage, and is a selected list of what is sold downstairs in the full dispensary.