What science has shown for CBD in treating diabetes

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More indications continue to surface about CBD’s natural health benefits

As cannabidiol (CBD) gains popularity for its great health benefits, more research is targeting other health conditions that haven’t been considered and that might also get benefit from this cannabis compound. With is non-psychoactive effects and great medical value, CBD is rapidly becoming more than just an alternative treatment. Starting with its anti-inflammatory properties, diabetic patients might also be getting benefits to the many symptoms that can suffer as a result of this metabolic condition.

Patients with diabetes can suffer a variety of symptoms depending on how controlled the disease is, and CBD has already proven to be helpful in things like chronic pain, headaches, digestive issues, epilepsy, and inflammation. In fact, there are some people suffering from type 2 diabetes who have even noticed a major change in their blood sugar level. Besides the condition itself, which causes complications with controlling blood sugar levels, there are other things in the body that can contribute to extra sugar releases in the body, such as pain. When someone is in pain, there is a stress response that increases cortisol that leads to more sugar be sent to the blood, using CBD to alleviate any pain for a diabetic person might really help lowering down sugar levels as well as improve sleep.

No official studies have been published in this area, but there have been reports of relief in symptoms induced by diabetes. A doctor in Nevada talked about a type 2 diabetes patient that was using CBD to rub on her nerve pain and eventually her sugar levels and her sleep improve noticeably.