West Hollywood’s new cannabis consumption lounge is a “must-see”

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There are plenty of reasons to check out one of the first cannabis consumption lounges in California

During Prohibition days, West Hollywood, known as WeHo, was home to gambling venues and speakeasies. During the rock revolution of the 1960s, Sunset Strip nightclubs welcomed groundbreaking bands like Led Zeppelin and The Doors. Now, WeHo seems to continue to aim for a new distinction, as a sort of Amsterdam of the Wild West, merging the city’s creative and fun vibe with California’s recreational marijuana culture. There is a new cannabis lounge in town, considered by many to be a mind-blowing jungle oasis that no one should miss.

Located in a lush tropical courtyard in WeHo, the marijuana consumption lounge that recently opened its doors is seen as one of the most absurdly captivating, thrillingly unique, and mind-blowing places anyone could hope to find. Dubbed the Ganja Giggle Garden, this 5,000-square-foot sanctuary offers visitors an unforgettable experience.

Here, cannabis enthusiasts can get high while finding themselves and taking their minds to the next level. It is an ideal relaxing environment as it is surrounded by buddhas, jungle-level vegetation, a flash of large koi, a parrot room, and even three well-equipped marijuana huts.

In addition to its neighboring Artist Tree Studio Dispensary Lounge, which opened in April, Ganja Giggle Garden is one of two places to publicly engage in the Los Angeles area. The garden of earthy delights can only be accessed through the Woods dispensary, and although it has only been open since late October, it has been a work in progress for nearly two decades.

Its founding dates back to when it was a simple private courtyard for the Schoos Design studio. As the years passed, designer Thomas Schoos and his business partner Michael Berman took it upon themselves to bring to life this marvelous paradise that dominates the space.