WEEDCon Cup kicks off soon, ready to judge the best craft cannabis and CBD products

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The annual cannabis competition is entering its sixth year and is coming to Los Angeles

The sixth annual WEEDCon Cup Awards in Los Angeles, CA, is just around the corner, and both cannabis enthusiasts and fans of the event are excited for it to begin. It kicks off on May 20, and as always, the goal remains the same – to evaluate the best cannabis products today.

Like any other awards show, several categories are eligible to take home an award, including Best Cannabis Concentrate, Best Flower, Best CBD Topical, Best Edible, Best CBD Tincture, Best Dispensary and more. The event is planned to have all the necessary health precautions to create a safe environment for COVID-19. At the same time, attendees will be able to enjoy music, food, networking, and education, and the assistance of the Cup Awards speakers.

The winner of each category will be able to place the coveted WEEDCon cup, 15 pounds of cut crystal with sterling silver handles on a marble base in its display case, but not before having to beat out the world’s leading cannabis companies. Three-time WEEDCon Cup winners for tinctures, topicals and concentrates, Papa & Barkley, comes with promising products and intend to keep the streak going in that respective category. On the other hand, the best flowers are provided by Originals Family Farms, a company that has also been able to win several WEEDCon Cups.

In general, brands, retailers, distributors and growers are the ones who participate in the WEEDCon Cup, coming together to see who has the best quality in their respective products. Among the companies this year, there will be Kyle Labs, Clique Cannabis Co., Seven Leaves, Black Market Cannabis, Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance, Love Life and a handful of others.