Water-soluble cannabis tech turning heads in the industry

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Sproutly’s development is fueling the cannabis beverage industry

As innovation continues to be the foundation of the cannabis industry, one of the largest growing sectors has been the beverage industry. One stumbling block for beverages has been how to produce drinks that can infuse cannabis and provide quick-acting effects. That obstacle may now have been solved, thanks to cannabis production company Sproutly.

Although not an everyday name such as Aurora or Canopy, Sproutly could soon take over. The company has received the exclusive rights to a patent-pending water-soluble technology that could revolutionize the cannabis beverage and edible markets. The technology allows consumers to control dosing and enables the effects of cannabis in beverages and edibles within 5 minutes – today, the normal delay is at least 45 minutes.

According to Sproutly CEO Keith Dolo, “As the industry determines how to solve the problems with beverages and the quick onset, the quick offset and the formulation capacity, essentially, Sproutly and our Infusion Biosciences [subsidiary] have really already solved the issues that plague the cannabis beverage and edibles industry… We’ve created a number of unique products and formulations with extremely fast onset and fast offset profiles to allow individuals to control the doses.”

Sproutly owns a 16,600-square-foot pharmaceutical-grade cannabis production facility in Toronto, Canada. It can produce as much as 1,400kg of product annually and is poised to expand internationally, moving into the European Union, Australia, Israel and others. Adds Dolo, “As much as we right now are a cannabis company, if you will tune in in about 30 to 60 days, you’ll see our company graduate to more of a CBD beverage organization.”

Innovation is going to be the key to long-term success in the cannabis industry. Sproutly has already shown that it has the ability to think ahead and will be the beginning of a major global explosion in both cannabis-infused beverages and edibles.