Washington State approves measure to legalize interstate marijuana commerce

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The only thing in the way now is the federal prohibition

Interstate commerce has been starting to echo heavily in the marijuana industry. While current federal laws may be an impediment, there are several jurisdictions that plan to take certain steps to move the process forward in the meantime. Washington State is one of them, with the Senate recently giving the go-ahead to legislation so that businesses can eventually be part of this activity.

A mid-week vote was held that ended up being notably in favor of the measure by a score of 40-8. This proposal would give the governor the authority to enter into agreements with other legal states to allow exports and imports between companies working within the regulated market.

“It is no secret that Washington has been a leader in the cannabis industry,” Sen. Ann Rivers (R), the bill’s sponsor, said on the floor ahead of the vote. She added that she is quite optimistic that legalization at the federal level is getting closer and closer, with different bills that could have a positive future as time moves forward.

However, the state’s industry “could be left in the dust if we’re out of town and unable to take action” when federal law changes, she said. That’s why Rivers believes it’s time for the Governor to be in charge of overseeing the industry and take the proper steps so that businesses can flow and exchange products with other states safely and legally.

SB 5069 also made it clear that products coming from overseas must comply with Washington regulations. This includes those related to labeling and packaging, something the Evergreen State has been very strict about lately.