Visiting Tulsa, OK, means checking out these cannabis dispensaries

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There are a number of innovative cannabis shops to visit in Tulsa

Under Oklahoma’s SQ 788, passed in 2018, an individual who obtains a Medical Marijuana License from the state can legally consume marijuana. Initially, cannabis flower for smoking was not allowed, but this part of the legislation was repealed. The measure authorized individuals with licenses to possess up to three ounces of marijuana in their possession and up to eight ounces in their residence. All of this has clearly led to the creation of a large number of dispensaries in Tulsa, where many consumers can purchase high-quality cannabis products.

Mango Cannabis is a dispensary that no enthusiast should pass up if visiting Tulsa. This store is responsible for providing patients with an unparalleled cannabis retail experience. Whatever the reason for the visit, the employees at Mango Cannabis are trained to help you find the product based on your needs. Mango Cannabis has an impressive portfolio of products for nearly every want and need.

The Flower Shop Dispensary is another eye-catching option for Tulsa patients, located at 6th and Kenosha. The store strives to provide a destination for everyone to benefit. With a friendly person and welcoming interior design, the dispensary never fails to impress all of its customers, especially after boasting a selection of premium products that are unrivaled.

And finally, there is The Dankery Dispensary. This East 51st Street store also features a cultivation center and specializes in providing patients with a personalized experience. The owners are addicted to excellence and that’s why the store offers a wide range of products with different potencies, all backed by rigorous laboratory testing. Their friendly staff is always eager to connect you with the products to get the desired result.