Virginia lawmakers eye updates to cannabis laws this year

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More changes are coming to US cannabis in 2023, and Virginia is tweaking its position

Virginia’s annual session has begun, and state lawmakers are planning to make some modifications to cannabis and hemp product laws. While it is now legal to possess small amounts of marijuana in the state, there is still no way to legally purchase real marijuana for purely recreational use. This Virginia’s stance on cannabis, even for many lawmakers who are charged with writing the laws, is somewhat confusing and illogical. Therefore, a modification or two would be necessary to clarify the picture.

While it is true that Virginia has a large number of stores offering different marijuana products, many opt for the home-based approach. It is just a matter of buying seeds, although it is necessary to emphasize that the sale is still illegal.

For Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw, this is a bit absurd. “I think, in general, most people would like to set the record straight. We haven’t. It’s strange that it’s legal to own it, but you can’t sell it.” The General Assembly session began last week, and Saslaw, along with other colleagues, hope it can be used to clarify Virginia’s position on marijuana.

It remains to be seen whether the two parties, which share power in the state’s divided government, will come to a mutual agreement. On the other hand, Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin, who plans to run for president, has not made it clear whether he really has an interest in signing legislation that could allow future opponents to give him a cannabis label. He has been asked about the issue in several interviews, but his answers seem to be very evasive.

The executive director of the pro-legalization group Virginia NORML, JM Pedini, says the legislature should find a way to move forward on retail sales for adult use. Failure to follow those steps, Pedini says the state will have to continue “ceding control of cannabis in the community to unlicensed and unregulated operators.”