Veterans Equal Access Act reintroduced

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Capitol Hill marijuana supporters are trying once again

There are a few lawmakers on Capitol Hill who are capable of seeing the big picture. These regularly fight to improve federal marijuana laws and tirelessly work to help their fellow politicians understand the true and proven value of cannabis. One of these is Representative Earl Blumenauer from Oregon, who is once again leading the charge. He has reintroduced House Resolution (HR) 1647, the Veterans Equal Access Act, which would provide medical marijuana access to eligible military veterans.

Blumenauer is the founder and co-Chair of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, a bipartisan group of lawmakers engaged in campaigning for marijuana reform in Washington. In his capacity, the Blumenauer is hoping he can build more support for HR 1647 and reverse the current limitation that prevents physicians at Veterans Administration (VA) hospitals from prescribing or administering medical marijuana.

Explains Blumenauer, “For too long, our veterans have been denied access to highly effective medical marijuana treatment for conditions like chronic pain and PTSD. Medical marijuana has shown proven benefits for treating these conditions denying our veterans access to them is shameful. This simple bill would align veterans VA treatment with their very popular state laws, usually approved by the voters. This legislation would guarantee our veterans fair and equal treatment, along with the ability to consult with their own physician on all treatment options. It’s past time we provide them with the care they need and deserve.”

The legislation was seen, and supported by many, in the 114th Congress. However, it was removed by Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee and died on the spot. Now, veterans are once again finding the support they need and deserve on Capitol Hill.