Vermont residents show overwhelming support for cannabis legalization

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Vermont is closer than ever at becoming a legal marijuana state

An important decision is about to be made by Vermont citizens regarding cannabis legalization, and, based on recent numbers, it looks like it is going to happen for real. Last Tuesday, a poll was released measuring the support from Vermont citizens for a bill that intends to legalize cannabis as well as assigning a tax and regulations for the market, and the results show great support. This poll indicated that at least two-thirds of the citizens support the legal cannabis market and that they are willing to purchase marijuana “from regulated, taxpaying small businesses.”

Currently, Vermont’s situation is complicated, as it is legal to possess and cultivate marijuana for personal use, though people in need of purchasing it don’t have a place to buy it. Legalization, for most citizens, is something that needs to happen, and just a few days ago, the House voted in favor of legal cannabis commerce.

A survey conducted by the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) is showing that 76% of Vermont residents said yes to the state, allowing adults to purchase marijuana from legally regulated and taxpaying small businesses. For this poll, a total of 890 residents were interviewed on February 14-15, and the results don’t seem to be split on any particular lines. Out of those interviewees, 58% of Republicans were in favor, as well as 69% percent of citizens 65 or older.

“Cannabis is legal for adults in Vermont, so it should come as no surprise that three out of four Vermonters believe there should be a safe, legal way to obtain it,” Matt Simon, New England political director at MPP, said in a press release. “Legalizing and regulating cannabis sales will protect consumers, and it will create jobs and economic opportunities for small businesses.”