Vermont now has 12 cannabis licenses, with more on the way

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Vermont’s cannabis industry is growing, fueling national growth at the same time

A meeting of the Vermont Cannabis Control Board (VCCB) was held yesterday and kicked off with a major announcement for the industry in the state. The application window is expected to open tomorrow at 10:00 AM and applies to all three levels of product manufacturers and wholesalers. A dozen new licenses received the green light, which means large participation in the cannabis industry.

It should be noted that the opening of this new window will not have any effect on other application windows currently open. “We have no intention of closing other types of license applications,” said VCCB President James Pepper. In the event that any application window is closed, applicants will be given ample notice beforehand.

By count based on figures announced at previous Board meetings, 52 licenses have been approved so far. The board approved thirteen new licenses last week, and three days ago, the go-ahead was given for 12 more to be added to the list. Licensees include Backcountry Organics, Bizzee Beez Organics, Banting Farm, Purple Lark Farm, Peregrine Farm, and more.

It was made clear that growing and retail applications will not lose priority in light of this. Still, it is necessary to understand that the Board staff has reviewed all Tier 1 Outdoor Grower applications, and the process has not been completed.

While Pepper knows that they are already at the limit, it is possible that the process is almost complete. The Green Mountain State continues to represent a great opportunity for all stakeholders as it has the potential to become an important market in the country.