Vermont cannabis farmer ready to give tours of his farm

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This is a chance for cannabis enthusiasts to see what goes into cannabis cultivation

Vermont’s agritourism industry could now see expansion after a farmer in the state said he has plans to implement Cannabis Farm Tours. The Irasburg-based farm will provide visitors with a personalized insider’s look at the cultivation of the plant that is becoming increasingly popular in the country.

During one of his tours, Eli Harrington shows guests how a cannabis plant is pruned. That’s just a taste of what to expect on a marijuana farm tour. Here visitors can enjoy an inside look at what it really takes to grow quality cannabis.

Harrington is aware that while there are many consumers in the state, not everyone has had the experience of growing one of these plants. This clearly causes people to have a lot of questions, which is why he finds it interesting and fun to be the person to answer them. Vermont has begun to be recognized for this type of tour, which gives its residents and visitors one more reason to have some kind of attraction to marijuana.

Harrington’s intention is to redefine the excursion by adding marijuana tours with unparalleled experiences. This will undoubtedly mix with tourism which ends up benefiting local economies. “For us, it’s really important that we’re integrating with the community and talking to the conventional tourism community and saying, ‘Hey, cannabis is a big deal,'” Harrington said.

As a Tier 2 outdoor location, Irasburg Farm allows Harrington to grow up to a maximum of 312 plants. The chickens that roam the farm are key to providing both fertilization and protection for the crop. Factors like these are what Harrington says sets it apart from operations in other states.

“We feel like this is the Vermont way. It’s regenerative and sustainable,” he said. “We’re using organic inputs. We’re out here in a rural area, doing economic activities before these plants are even harvested.” Once the Green Mountain State’s recreational cannabis stores open in October, many will be filled with the end product of this farm.