Vencanna Ventures to offer common shares on the OTCQB exchange

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The company was just approved to start offering its shares for public sale

Top Strike Resources Corp., doing business as Vencanna Ventures Inc., just announced that it received approval to its request to initiate the trading of its shares on the US trading platform OTCQB Venture Market out of New York. The shares will continue to be traded on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), as well, but, effective yesterday, Vencanna can start trading its shares on the additional exchange.

“The listing of Vencanna’s Common Shares to the OTCQB Exchange is an exciting milestone as we remain continually focused on creating value for our shareholders in multiple ways. Even though Vencanna has been a fully reporting company since its inception and listing to the CSE, we believe that the broader exposure afforded by the OTCQB will raise our visibility within the US investment community and assist in increasing the liquidity of our Common Shares. In addition, we believe that trading on this established US-based public market will help to generate exposure for Vencanna among institutional investors both in Canada and the US,” stated Vencanna CEO David McGorman.

The company also took the opportunity of the announcement to correct a press release error from last December in which it was announced its stock was already being traded at the OTCQB Venture Market. The correct name of the fund in which the corporation started trading last December is Pink Open Market, which is also operated by the OTC Markets Group.

Vencanna Ventures initiated with business activities in other industries but, in recent times, has been dedicated to entering the cannabis market as a go-to capital provider for companies on the rise, already working in compliance with local jurisdiction and then still find blocks in the way. The idea is to provide investors with a diversified, high-growth cannabis investment strategy, but with a primary focus on the value chain from cultivation and ancillary to the end product.