Vegas has a new marijuana “speakeasy”

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The cannabis getaway is located in a dispensary off the Vegas Strip

Nevada always likes to go big – big lights, big casinos and big cannabis dispensaries. The world’s largest dispensary is located in Vegas – Planet 13 offers 112,000 square feet of cannabis delight. However, the large facility is dwarfed by Dana’s Place, the world’s first cannabis speakeasy.

Dana’s Place is located in the Las Vegas ReLeaf dispensary, about 500 feet off the Vegas Strip. It gets its name from Dana Bernstein, the daughter of the dispensary’s co-founder, Ed Bernstein. Dana passed away in 2017 after struggling with Crohn’s disease.

Says her father, “Dana was an inspiration for us when we first opened Las Vegas ReLeaf. She found comfort in medical cannabis, as it eased her painful symptoms. When we decided to create this experience in our dispensary, we wanted to offer a safe and comfortable place for consumers to learn about product offerings. And naming the space after Dana was a natural way for her legacy to live on.”

The speakeasy opened on December 10. It is located between the dispensary’s reception area and sales floor and looks like a friendly bar. It offers Cannabiniers’ Two Roots beer, which contain less than 0.5% alcohol but which offer 5mg of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The beer comes from California as “normal” beer and is infused with THC on-site. Along with the brew, patrons can also find a selection of cold brew coffees and health and beauty products.

Dana’s Place is dubbed a speakeasy because public consumption of marijuana products is still not legal in Nevada. However, the world is evolving and chances are good that, just like liquor speakeasies of the past, the world’s first cannabis speakeasy will meet its demise not because consumption is banned, but because it becomes legal.