Valens GroWorks, BRNT Group to launch new line of extract vaporizers

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The new products are designed to by as appealing to the eye as they are to the body

Valens GroWorks Corp. and the BRNT Group are joining forces to offer a new line of cannabis vaporizers under the brand name Made By. They are going to be single-source vaporizers for extracts and are designed to cater to the entire market, offering “artfully designed hardware” that will hopefully appeal to consumers as North America recovers from its vaping scare.

BRNT Group is a cannabis design company out of Canada and will be leading the design and development of the vaporizers, as well as the line’s marketing and sales. Valens, on the other hand, will handle the extract formulations, which will be available only through the Made By brand.

BRNT CEO Simon Grigenas says of the new agreement, “Valens has demonstrated a commitment to cannabis extraction on a global scale that is driven by passion and quality. It was a natural fit for BRNT to collaborate with Valens to bring the Made By vaporizers brand to life with a partner that can mirror our globally recognized signature design aesthetic and brand development capabilities. BRNT and Valens are setting a new industry standard by creating meaningful brands and products through a focused, profitable approach, as opposed to the traditional vertical integration seen today.”

The deal will be in place for an initial period of two years and can be renewed of one year at a time. Valens CEO Tyler Robson adds, “As Valens begins official production of next-generation products for Cannabis 2.0, we are excited to be collaborating with BRNT to bring to market a line of differentiated, high quality, concentrate vape products for Canadian consumers. BRNT has shown impressive sales growth and market understanding through its ancillary offerings. In pairing their retail and product knowledge with Valens’ processing and product development capabilities, we believe this provides a strong foundation to provide a product with strong consumer appeal.”