Valens Company signs exclusive agreement with Coldhaus Distribution

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The cannabis company is expanding its access to consumers

Leading manufacturer of branded marijuana products, The Valens, announced a few hours ago that it has completed the necessary paperwork to secure an exclusive marijuana partnership with Coldhaus Distribution. The idea through this recent joining of forces is to provide integrated logistics solutions for Valens branded cannabis products in different parts of Canada, such as Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario.

The partnership will be valid for two years. Under the terms of the partnership, Coldhaus will be responsible for the store-level representation, distribution route coverage, brand advocacy, retail trade presence, and even retail staff education to drive brand visibility. Many on The Valens team believe that leveraging Coldhaus’ direct-to-store management infrastructure will be key to dramatically increasing the reach, frequency, and touch points of its brands. All of this will take place as the company continues to make various efforts to penetrate strategic retail relationships.

Through the partnership, a dedicated field team will be established, which will give The Valens the opportunity to educate and connect with retail staff regarding its brands and product attributes. As a result, it will provide an unparalleled opportunity to drive and support a consistent category strategy in the store.

“We are very happy to announce today’s partnership with Coldhaus, a leading distributor with proven success in building large iconic brands in the beverage industry through robust distribution,” Tyler Robson, CEO of The Valens Company, said. “Having a major partner like Coldhaus we believe will help accelerate our growth in key markets and create long-term meaningful relationships with retailers and consumers throughout the distribution territory as we increase visibility of our branded cannabis products.”