Utah might hold special legislative session for medical marijuana

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The move could come after voters take to the polls in November

This November, Utah residents will vote on a ballot measure that could see the legalization of medical marijuana in the state. If the bill is approved, it could possibly lead to a special legislative session to further discuss the measure. However, there are still no guarantees that this will happen. A bill earlier this year that approved medical marijuana use by terminally ill patients still has not resulted in any special treatment by Governor Gary Herbert.

According to the governor’s deputy chief of staff, Paul Edwards, “The idea was floated for all of a couple of minutes. He expressed no opinion about it. He was interested in hearing some of the ideas that are being shared.” The brief discussion, according to Edwards, took place this past Monday during a meeting between Herbert and several members of his staff, who have heard rumors of a possible special session.

Herbert is now on his way to South Korea on a trade mission before heading to Washington, DC. An in-depth discussion on the topic probably won’t happen until September 27, when he returns.

Edwards further offered, “This has not been part of the governor’s plan. He’s always interested in hearing consensus recommendations from the Legislature. We’ll look closely at what makes the best sense for good marijuana policy in the state.”

Toward the end of August, Herbert asserted that he will use his “bully pulpit” to ensure legislators in the state act on Proposition 2, the bill covering medical marijuana. he has said he will vote against the measure, but wants to work with lawmakers to create a “common sense” approach that would approve medical marijuana use, while prohibiting recreational use.