Using marijuana capsules as an alternative for pain relief

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Capsules offer controlled doses and can provide an option to those who don’t want to measure their dose

Cannabis has a number of ways that it can be administered, as well as a number of benefits to combat health issues. In order to be an effective source of relief, however, it is important that the right dose is administered. For those taking medical marijuana who don’t want to worry about measuring their doses, cannabis capsules might be just what the doctor ordered.

Cannabis oil soft-gel and hard-shell capsules offer a pre-measured dose and can benefit those who don’t want to use syringes to measure their own doses. According to CannTrust, “Based on third-party research conducted by Cannabis Evidence, an online resource in the field of medical cannabis research, three in four patients out of 709 screened preferred alternative formulations to smoking cannabis. The majority of these patients prefer a capsule/tablet over other oral dosage forms like oils.”

Pharmacist Kaivan Talachian adds, “Most of our physician partners prefer capsules as the primary choice for their patients as well, as they eliminate the potential for measurement mistakes with dosages. Capsules also have no waste and can easily be integrated into a patient’s medication administration plan, and are easy to transport and add to medication administration boxes.”

Cannabis capsules also allow for a viable alternative to edibles. Edibles often contain sugars and fat, making them less attractive to some medical marijuana users. They offer a straightforward method of knowing exactly how much cannabis is being consumed and are a healthy and easy alternative.

Says Jonathan Hirsh, CEO of The Education Station in Toronto, “You are taking the pure potential of the product and administering it to yourself. I like to consume cannabis in many forms depending on my activities that day. If I know I am going to be in a situation where consuming cannabis through vaping or combustion is not going to an option, and since I don’t necessarily like the taste of edibles sometimes, I would go for decarboxylized (a process that converts the non-psychoactive THC-A cannabinoid to intoxicating THC) cannabis pills.”