Using CBD to deal with sleep disorders

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Regardless of the reason for sleep deprivation, CBD can help

Not getting enough sleep can lead to a number of issues – inability to concentrate, lack of performance on the job, anxiety and depression, among others. Sleep deprivation may be a one-time occurrence, brought on by stress over a particular situation, or something more serious, such as narcolepsy or sleep apnea. Regardless of the cause, more individuals are turning to cannabidiol (CBD) to find relief.

There are pharma drugs out there now – Ritalin and Valium are two of the most common – that have been designed to help patients sleep better; however, they all carry certain side effects that make their use less attractive. Marijuana has also been used to treat sleep disorders, but focusing on CBD alone allows sufferers to treat their sleep issues with a natural plant that doesn’t contain psychoactive compounds like those seen with marijuana’s THC.

Not only is CBD an all-natural alternative to lab-created medicines, but it is also one that doesn’t include any harmful side effects, according to a number of scientific studies. It is also typically a less expensive option.

A dose of up to 160mg before hitting the sack should be plenty to allow for a good night’s rest, whether for a single night or an ongoing issue. However, if sleeplessness persists, it is important to discuss the matter with a physician in order to discount other, more serious health concerns. The amount taken will ultimately depend on the individual’s body and virtually all good budtenders today will be able to make the best recommendations.