Using CBD oil for sundowning

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The nervous syndrome can be overcome through daily consumption of the cannabis oil

Scientific evidence and people’s testimonies have shown the enormous potential cannabidiol (CBD) has is treating mental health conditions. More people are discovering that CBD oil is also useful to treat nervous syndromes like sundowning. This ailment brings a wide variety of symptoms to the person, which all summarize in a lack of mental control, and which can lead to unproductive and painful evenings.

Among the many symptoms people suffering from sundowning experience are worry, wandering, pacing, arguing, crying and confusion. However, sometimes it can escalate to more serious symptoms like emotional outbursts, anger, hallucinations and paranoia. Using CBD oil to help relieve these symptoms can be quite effective; however, it is important to find the right dosage to see the expected change in the behavior.

Some experts recommend that to treat confusion and difficult behavior a good dose could be 50 to 400 mg CBD on a daily basis and if the problems bring along problems to fall or stay asleep, a good dose could be 50 to 150 mg CBD before bedtime, if necessary. CBD’s effect on the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is in charge of helping the body to autoregulate, can bring a person back to a normal state. CBD acts directly on the brain, as well as the receptors located in most cells around the body, serving as a neuroprotectant, and decreasing inflammation and the amount of oxygen buildup in the body. Remember to always ask your doctor before considering using any new medication to treat a disease.