Using cannabis to fight fatigue offers a lot of benefits

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Cannabis consumption can help many people overcome a lack of energy

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a pathology that has a major impact on a patient’s quality of life. And with the lack of effective treatment, more and more people are turning to marijuana for help. Contrary to what many naysayers think, cannabis can provide just enough of an energy boost to get you out of bed and perform all your tasks effectively day in and day out.

For someone with chronic fatigue syndrome, the tasks they face on a daily basis can become insurmountable, as they can only harness so much of their energy, causing unexplained exhaustion that does not improve with more rest or sleep. In addition, symptoms may include swollen lymph nodes, joint pain, muscle pain, depression, sleep problems and problems with attention, memory, processing speed, or language comprehension. It is known that cannabis can improve many of these conditions.

There are anecdotal reports of patients using cannabidiol (CBD) to control their symptoms. For example, to treat joint pain. There are recent studies that have observed improvements in pain symptoms with the use of a topical CBD product.

There is also evidence that chronic fatigue is related to a hypersensitive central nervous system. In 2017, the journal “Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets” said that CBD decreases the activity of brain cells called glial cells (which play the role of supporting neurons) and triggers that nervous system hypersensitivity.

It is also common to have depression along with chronic fatigue syndrome, and low mood can worsen symptoms, causing extreme fatigue even after a good night’s sleep the night before. Studies have also shown the effectiveness of cannabis in treating cognitive impairment and depression. Thus, unrefreshing sleep, muscle and joint pain, emotional imbalance, and depression are all symptoms for which medical cannabis can offer relief.

User experience recommends the use of Sativa dominant strains because of their energizing effects, which can improve mental clarity and relieve anxiety, further enhancing patients’ recovery. Although for most, a medical cannabis strain or concentrate that balances CBD and THC levels may be the most effective option.