Using cannabis for workout recovery

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Exercise and wellness are now among the top reasons more people are turning to cannabis

2020 saw more progress made to legitimize the benefits of cannabis than had been seen in many prior years. Pain, anxiety and inflammation are still the primary reasons people consume marijuana for medical reasons, but they’re not the only ones. As the overwhelming – and misguided – stigma surrounding cannabis disappears, the all-natural plant is finding a larger contingent of consumers in the exercise and wellness fields, all of whom are experiencing the benefits of cannabis to help them recover following a workout.

When working out, stress is put on the muscles and joints and inflammation can occur. Cannabis can be used to counter those post-exercise aches and pains, targeting the sore areas directly to reduce inflammation and keep the body limber. This not only helps keep the body in better condition, but it also lets workout enthusiasts spend more time with their hobby, knowing they will be able to recover more quickly, and more easily, with a little bit of help from cannabis.

There are a number of different ways to benefit from cannabis following a workout or wellness program. One of the most common options is to apply a CBD (cannabidiol) cream to the affected area to quickly target the muscle, joint or tendon that is causing the most problems. However, there are other forms available that work just as effectively, including patches and edibles or, if you have the time for it, a hot bath with some added bath bombs. Regardless of the choice made, athletes and workout fans can find fast relief through cannabis so they can continue with their daily routines.