Using cannabis for multiple sclerosis

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Cannabis continues to replace lab-produced pills to relieve MS symptoms

Across the globe, over 2.3 million people are suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS). The autoimmune disease attacks the central nervous system, damaging nerves and leading to weakness, poor coordination, bladder problems, cognitive impairment and other health issues. Fortunately, there is a safer, more natural solution to combat the symptoms – cannabis.

Sure, pharmaceutical companies would have everyone believe that their lab-based compounds are the best alternatives, but they’re just blowing smoke – and not the good kind. Apart from a number of side effects that include flu-like symptoms to progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML, a viral disease of the brain), the drugs don’t have the same impact over time.

Cannabis is quickly becoming the go-to alternative for MS patients. There are several ways it can be administered – from capsules to vaporizers – and all forms will help reduce the pain and improve the patients quality of life. Capsules can be extremely beneficial as they provide long-lasting relief that can last as much as 24 hours. In addition to fighting the symptoms, however, cannabis is showing to be helpful in restoring mobility and eliminating anxiety.

A survey of 5,400 MS patients last year revealed that 42% were actively using cannabis to seek relief. Another 47% indicated that they were considering it and another 20% said that they had discussed the option with their physician. As cannabis has taken hold on a greater scale this year, these numbers have certainly improved, allowing more sufferers to find relief in Mother Nature’s wonder drug.