Use your nose when sniffing out new cannabis products

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The nose is one of the best tools for identifying different terpenes and different benefits

When it comes to identifying different characteristics of different cannabis strains, one tool is better than all the rest. The nose is a great asset, and the only one of the senses that bypasses the thalamus to connect directly to the forebrain.

Scientific data shows that scent can provide significant mental and physical benefits. The ability to identify different terpenes in cannabis, which lead to some strains to smell like pine and others to smell like citrus, help the user begin the pleasurable experience even before consuming. It can also help identify which strains are appropriate for different situations.

Even beyond that, though, terpenes can be a huge plus to the body. According to Dr. J Preston Campbell, the Chief Scientific Officer at MONQ, “There is a great deal of evidence to support the notion that human physiology functions optimally with the addition of terpenes.” The terpenes used in essential oil blends are able to trigger good health because they provide a positive olfactory response, leading to uplifting feeling, an improved mood and physical relief.

True Terpenes Manager of Marketing Content David Heldreth asserts, “Terpenes, as components of essential oils, foods, and other products, have been used by humans since the dawn of time. However, the rise of the cannabis industry has put a new light on these compounds. Terpenes are tied to the intrinsic working of cannabis via the entourage effect.”

So, when considering cannabis products, remember to trust your nose and sniff out the perfect solution.