UPS sues three marijuana companies for copyright infringement

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The global shipping company wants it clear that it isn’t delivering marijuana

Some marijuana companies who haven’t been creative enough to build their own brand identities have attempted to “borrow” those of existing organizations. One name that comes to mind easily is the cannabis strain “Girl Scout Cookies.” Another is Toys R Us, who forced Michigan-based Buds R Us to change its name last year. Now, the United Parcel Service (UPS) has taken exception to the names of three different marijuana companies and is suing them to protect its brand identity.

The three companies are United Pot Smokers, THCPlant and UPS420. They sell products through a number of websites, including and, and include details on those sites that are similar to that of the global shipping giant. UPS also argues that they offer misleading advertising and have included branding that closely resembles that of the international shipping company.

The lawsuit was filed last month in Los Angeles District Court. UPS – the marijuana company – uses a logo that is identical to the UPS – the shipping company – shield. Needless to say, the use of the “UPS” acronym is also an issue and the fact that the company asserts that it is a “nationwide logistics expeditor” and an “operational courier” don’t sit well with UPS, either.

Initially, UPS had sought an injunction to prevent the businesses from continuing after cease-and-desist orders sent to the companies went unanswered. However, the injunction was refused until the case went to court. However, most of the copycat websites have now been taken down.