University of New Mexico has novel way to raise funding for cannabis research

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Rounding Up for Research will allow cannabis consumers to help fund new studies

The “Rounding Up for Research” project is intended to demonstrate that finding funding for medical cannabis research may not be seen as such a difficult thing to achieve. The University of New Mexico (UNM) has definitely been thinking outside the box and, after recently launching this project, will raise funds for this purpose and related student scholarships. UNM’s goal is to be able to partner with dispensaries nationwide under this new initiative, thus giving customers the ability to round up to the nearest dollar on their cannabis purchases.

As a result of this action, that difference is expected to go to the University’s Medical Cannabis Research Fund (MCRF) and the current goal is approximately $250,000. “Because the U.S. federal government has overwhelmingly prioritized funding for research designed to measure the harmful effects of cannabis use, there is a dearth of government information and resources to investigate the plant’s potential medicinal applications,” says the University.

It is clear to say that research has been somewhat affected because Cannabis is still Schedule I under the federal framework, even though several restrictions have been eased in recent years. Jacob Miguel Vigil, senior scientist and assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at UNM, believes strongly that the research can bear great fruit and is hopeful that cannabis will continue to provide many medicinal benefits. “Based on our observations, I can easily say that there is no other known drug that is fast-acting, minimally toxic, and significantly effective in treating a wide range of physiological, psychiatric, and psychosomatic diseases like the cannabis plant,” he added.