Unionization in the cannabis industry continues to gain steam

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More employees in the cannabis industry are joining or forming unions

A labor union is an organization of workers, formed to protect the rights and promote the interests of its members with respect to wages, benefits, and working conditions. They also fight against discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, and disability. The marijuana industry is growing as time goes by, and it is because of this that there has been a great interest in designing a union to look after the welfare of the employees who provide their services to companies that operate under this business.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) has been running a continental campaign for a little over a year to make the marijuana industry much more organized. It appears that these efforts are paying off as nearly 500 workers from different facilities (distributors, dispensaries, grow operations) voted to join IBT locals since May of last year.

There are a lot of people today who look down on marijuana because there is so much stigma attached to it. That is why experts believe that unionizing cannabis workers will eliminate a lot of that negative thinking.

Organizing in the cannabis industry is steadily increasing after the pandemic generated huge profits for corporations, but layoffs and drastically reduced benefits for employees. Given the great importance of cannabis in generating revenue for the states, the workers responsible for the success of the campaign in North America are working to ensure that those who created the wealth get a piece of the pie.

“For far too long, innocent people were locked up for possession of cannabis,” Peter Finn, Teamsters National Food Processing Director, said in a statement. “Now that there’s billions of dollars to be made in this industry legally, restorative justice is needed. This justice means we ensure that cannabis revenue goes to the people who deserve it the most. We make that happen with a Teamster contract.”