Understanding what a “zip” of cannabis means

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Becoming familiar with marijuana jargon will help you become a true expert

In the 1970s, the measurement for what turned out to be about an ounce of marijuana was called a lid. Now we hear the term zip tossed around like it’s the new standard. However, like the lid, a zip does not carry with it any specific weight. Therefore, it helps to know what a zip is before heading to the dispensary.

The confusing part comes when you go down to the dispensary to buy some cannabis and the lady behind the counter is offering you a zip of marijuana at a certain price, but there is still no specific weight discussed or advertised. Obviously, this can be somewhat confusing, but, perhaps that is the whole point of the new standard measure.

Ask even experienced customers accustomed to purchasing marijuana what a zip of pot is, and you will get as many answers as there are customers. Just like in the old days, there is an insider lingo associated with the different aspects of cannabis; however, that lingo can change from shop to shop. It is always best to ask and confirm exactly what you are buying and at what price.

In many places, it is strictly a local tradition what a rolled up marijuana cig is called. The term joint is pretty widespread and usually recognizable most anywhere in the US. If you travel down to the Caribbean islands you will hear the terms blunt and spliff, but they are mostly the same thing except that the custom down in the islands is to roll them bigger and call them blunts & spliffs. It is still just a joint albeit larger and rolled up in who knows what kind of paper.

There are some terms that are still shared by the majority of cannabis buyers and sellers. A dime is a gram, a dub is two grams, an eighth is and eighth of an ounce, which is 3.5 grams and also sometimes called a slice and a quarter is a quarter of an ounce, or 7 grams.

The zip for most consumers and sellers these days just refers to a whole 28-gram ounce, just like a lid. So, we haven’t really traveled very far from where we already were.