Understanding the proper dosing when using cannabis for health

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Because every body is different, how people react to cannabis varies

Calculating marijuana doses can be very complicated. People often over-consume, ignoring that it is the number of active ingredients that makes the difference. That is why the effects are as much linked to potency as to quantity. If you want to use this plant for better health, you must understand the proper dosage.

The dosage varies from patient to patient. It is important that the dosage be titrated (built up) slowly, regardless of the product being used. It is important to find the correct dosage for each individual patient so that they can fully benefit from medical cannabis.

It is better to take several small doses in a day that add up to achieve the necessary result than to experiment with a single large dose. Cannabis can have a different effect on each patient. Wait for the effect to appear, if any. It is best to use the same (low) dose for several days, and follow up on any effects that may occur.

After a few days, the consumer can increase the dose, but slowly. You will need to wait a few days after each increase to monitor progress. After one to two weeks, the patient should be able to find his or her own personalized dosage, the one that offers the greatest medicinal effects with minimal side effects.

What may work well for one person may not work for another, as everyone has their own endocannabinoid system (ECS). In this sense, cannabis is like any other medicine, and physiological differences from one person to another make a difference. Remember that other factors such as your body weight, body chemistry and health status are some of the main determinants of how much cannabis to consume.

Figuring out what the optimal dose of cannabis is can involve some trial and error. A balanced ratio of CBD and THC may offer a better therapeutic impact than CBD or THC individually. Modify the amount of CBD and THC until you find the right spot with the right combination of both compounds.

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