Tyson 2.0 is teaming up with Hexo to expand cannabis line

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Mike Tyson’s cannabis brand is taking over the industry and moving into Canada

Mike Tyson has always had a winning mentality and is zero conformist. Perhaps this is precisely what has led him to want to expand his Tyson 2.0 business beyond the US. In order to be able to extend his footprint in Canada, the boxing legend has now secured a partnership with cannabis company Hexo Corp. As a result, Canadians will now be able to enjoy Tyson 2.0’s full line of flower, pre-roll, edibles, and vape products.

Under the terms of the agreement, Fall will be the time when Canada will begin launching Tyson 2.0 products. Charlie Bowman, CEO of Hexo, said in a statement that the growing brand is an ideal fit with the leading portfolio that Hexo has been able to build over the years. Hexo has a high-quality portfolio in Canada, which includes Redecan, UP Cannabis, Original Stash, 48North, Trail Mix, Bake Sale, and Latitude.

“We know that Canadians have been eager to try the Tyson 2.0 line and we’re excited to have signed this deal with Hexo, the ideal partner to produce the high-quality premium and affordable, cannabis flower, concentrates, and consumables that we’re known for,” said Tyson in a press release. On the other hand, Chad Bronstein, co-founder, chairman, and president of Tyson 2.0, said Hexo was the right choice to enter this market because of its unmatched dedication.

Bronstein says the company has what it takes to bring innovative cannabis products to market, adding that it has a solid reputation as a leader in quality standards. Tyson, a former world boxing champion who now heads this brand, is looking for US neighbors to enjoy the benefits of marijuana as well.