Two NFL greats are launching a new “Boyz N The Hood” cannabis strain

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Ricky Williams and Chris Ball extend their reach in the cannabis space

For a few months now, Texas Heisman winner Ricky Williams has been using his past struggles to find success in the cannabis industry. Now, he has teamed up with Chris Ball, another former NFL star, to unveil a sustainably grown marijuana strain. The collaborative cannabis strain inspired by “Boyz N the Hood” is aimed at pain relief.

Williams’ cannabis lifestyle brand Highsman and artisanal brand Ball Family Farms have joined hands to announce the release of a collaborative strain known as “Ricky Baker.” With a focus on inflammation and pain, the custom strain was grown in living soil exclusively to incorporate linalool and limonene terpenes. California retailers will begin welcoming Ricky Baker beginning this weekend.

“We are thrilled to be one of the few brands that Ball Family Farms has joined forces with,” said Williams, founder and president of Highsman. “Chris [Ball] is a pioneer in the cannabis space, overcoming obstacles and transitioning to a truly grassroots legal operation. We are proud to collaborate on a product that gives back to those persecuted for cannabis-related offenses, and leads the next generation of Black cannabis entrepreneurs.”

Williams, a former Longhorn, went through difficult times while dealing with social anxiety disorder and a one-year suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. This led him to bring Highsman to life. Now that he has joined Ball and his company, they are both using their experiences to grow their businesses and a new cannabis-centric culture.

The new release is named after a movie character, Ricky Baker, from “Boyz N the Hood.” This new strain was handcrafted and cultivated with meticulous attention to detail with the best possible blend of terpenes to create a high-quality strain. Ball and Williams believe that the plant has an impact on wellness and that is why people may see them making more releases in the future.