Two more states now offer medical marijuana sales

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Ohio and Hawaii are now allowing medical marijuana dispensaries

Yesterday was an important day for the overall marijuana industry. Two states launched medical marijuana sales within their borders, adding to an ever-growing list of states that recognize the value of Mother Nature’s wonder drug. Going forward, residents of both Ohio and Hawaii can now legally purchase medical marijuana in authorized dispensaries.

Ohio first legalized medical marijuana in June of 2016. However, issues over licensing and other aspects of the industry caused delays that resulted in one postponement after another. Sales had been expected to finally be allowed four months ago before yet another delay was seen – until now.

Ohio has implemented some of the strictest regulations for the marijuana industry among all legal states. These regulations are going to keep medical marijuana prices relatively high compared to other states, which might ultimately have an impact on how successful the industry becomes.

Across the country and the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii has now opened the doors of its latest medical marijuana dispensary. The dispensary is located on Hawaii Island, the largest of the Hawaiian Islands by landmass. The state already had dispensaries, but this was the first on Hawaii Island and will serve a population of around 185,000 – 13% of Hawaii’s population.

Hawaii legalized medical marijuana in 2000. In doing so, it became one of the first states in the U.S. to recognize the plant’s virtues. However, despite legalization, dispensaries were not allowed and there weren’t many opportunities for residents to make legal purchases. It would be a full 17 years before the state would see its first medical marijuana dispensary.

33 states in the U.S. now have legalized medical marijuana and there is discussion that it could find approval at the federal level at some point this year. If that were to happen, marijuana would finally be able to take its rightful place in society.