Two cannabis stocks for patient investors

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These two cannabis companies are priced right now but won’t have immediate returns

December is here, which means that the last month has arrived where investors can find one or more marijuana stocks to complete their 2021 portfolio. As has already been made clear, patience is one of the most necessary virtues that every investor must have when deciding to invest their money in long-term stocks. There are currently a couple of marijuana businesses that have a good chance of not letting you down in the future, especially when it comes to profits.

GrowGeneration is one of the marijuana stocks that you definitely have to consider holding for decades, especially since it is a company that manufactures the equipment that cannabis operators use to grow. Grow lights, hydroponics, plant nutrients are some of the vast products that GrowGeneration has to offer. All are essential inputs for cultivation operations to maintain high performance and be at the forefront of the industry. This makes GrowGeneration a company that will be around for years to come.

On the other side is Innovative Industrial Properties (IIP), which is reputed to be the owner of the cannabis industry, and the justification to be well justified. With its 7.5 million square feet of leasable space dedicated exclusively to cannabis cultivation, IIP is the perfect investment excuse for investors looking for a real estate investment trust (REIT) related to the industry. Its biggest advantage is that it has positioned itself in the hottest marijuana-growing regions of the country, such as California, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Both of these companies have the advantage of profiting exponentially as the demand for cannabis products continues to rise. Best of all, they don’t need federal legalization to become a reality in order to continue to expect it.