Twitter relaxes stance on cannabis and THC product advertising

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The popular social media platform is changing its long-running stance on cannabis

Elon Musk, the second richest man on the planet, has been plagued by criticism after taking over the Twitter empire. However, he is now introducing significant changes to the popular social media platform that would undoubtedly appeal to businesses and cannabis enthusiasts alike. It seems that the social network of the little blue bird now allows advertisements for CBD and THC products derived from cannabis.

According to recent reports, Twitter made some modifications to its policy, giving advertisers the opportunity to promote brand preference and informative marijuana-related content for various cannabis products. In addition to CBD and THC, cannabis-related products and services can be posted. Examples include, but are not limited to, laboratories, delivery services, cultivation technology, search engines, events and more.

Before these modifications came in, Twitter only gave the go-ahead to promotional content for topical CBD brands, and paid marijuana ads were prohibited. In the “Drugs and drug paraphernalia” section, the platform also shared some of the restrictions around the marketing of marijuana products.

It was made clear that advertisers must be licensed and pre-authorized by Twitter. In addition, their target audience must only be directed to jurisdictions where they are licensed to promote these products and services online, and they may not promote or offer to sell cannabis. And as expected, ads must not be directed to anyone under the age of 21. This new Twitter measure is for the US, while for Canada, which legalized cannabis at the federal level five years ago, paid marijuana ads have already been allowed.

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