Twitter has its first cannabis ads following recent policy shift

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The social media platform recently began allowing cannabis ads and is already finding support

A few weeks ago, Elon Musk posted a three-character message containing only the number 420, with no explanation. Many people interpreted it as yet another sign of Musk’s loud and proud cannabis hobby. However, marijuana industry executives saw it as a harbinger of a policy shift, speculating that Twitter would soon break ranks with other social channels and become a marijuana-friendly home in the digital realm. The conjecture turned out to be correct, according to the official announcement from the second richest man on the planet last week. It didn’t take long for Trulieve to launch its first ad on the social network.

Reaction in the marijuana community has been swift, with multi-state operator Trulieve buying space almost immediately to promote its dispensaries in Arizona and Florida. California-based Pax Labs, best known for its vaporizers, will soon follow what will likely be a chain reaction of larger brands and retailers experimenting on the platform.

Leaders in the industry, which is still illegal at the federal level and has limited avenues for paid advertising, described a heady mix of adrenaline and excitement at the prospect of marketing on the global social media hub. While Twitter’s move comes with restrictions, its impact could be seismic and speaks to the growing acceptance of cannabis as a mainstream wellness category.

A move like this could also help remove the stigma of marijuana use, normalize the plant in a broad public forum, and kick-start cultural and commercial conversations. “It’s not a surprise that it happened, but the pace is incredibly fast and, frankly, this is huge for the industry,” Gina Collins, CMO of Trulieve, said. “It will put pressure on other platforms to reevaluate their positions.”

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